“Graphic design plays an important role in our everyday decision making and as such, an ongoing and effective graphic design program is an important part of good business strategy.”

— Karim Boukarabila

Graphic design, soul and subconscious…

Driven by the passion and delivering a truly 360° design experience. Delivering highly effective communication solutions that connect with consumers on a deeper level. To do this means the real challenge is to climb inside the consumers mind. To immerse yourself into their activities and connect with their life. Target their heart, soul and subconscious.

Awards and recognition

June 13th, 2007

boukarabila.com has been attracting positive attention for its gracefull design and content since it first went online. See who has awarded this website.


May 22th, 2007

Tati stores, a Parisian legend, became a worldwide name by inventing the discount shopping concept. I am proud to present you the mockup of the new website with which I won the competion.

Website phase 3.0

May 22th, 2007

I started to work on my new website. It's nearly done, but requires Safari or FireFox for a perfect viewing. If you are interested in helping me to find problems accross browsers, glitches, etc, use the contact form below.


May 21th, 2007

As requested by many visitors, I am currently updating the website in french. the whole pages will be translated soon.

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